La mort, un nouveau plan de vie !

Death, a new plan of life!

Since the dawn of time, people have passed away, people have died...

Man always remains intrigued by this stage of life which has long been perceived as a finality, death...

In reality…

We exist on the frequency of human consciousness which has chosen to forget its intergalactic origin

We are a Consciousness that has chosen to inhabit a physical body and experience time and space

We are human beings experiencing life on Earth in 3D frequency

The journey on earth remains and will always remain an evolutionary passage

A passage of encounters, new beginnings, learning, readjustments, introspections, wounds, healings and transitions...

We are passing through for the time of an incarnation

We are also one of these new consciousnesses which aspire to rise, to reconnect with our origins and to open up to the existence of other forms of consciousness inhabiting other Universes.

Universal science teaches that everything is consciousness and vibrations

In fact if we look at existence from the other side of the veil, each planet and each dimension has its own frequency where consciousnesses live there in different forms

We are those beings who know and feel

We are those beings who want to understand the intangible, even knowing deep within ourselves that we are an integral part of cosmic intelligence.

The body becomes dust again...consciousness does not die...consciousness evolves...

The time of my passage has come

I am transitioning, I am following a new life plan…

The death of my physical body has come

I exchanged my earthly body for a heavenly vehicle

Lightened from the heaviness of the material body, the vibration of my consciousness rises

I'm here exploring new dimensions

I'm there vibrating on the other side of the veil

Thank you for being by my side during my passage through earthly life

Make the most of the time you have left

By vibration of love

I tell you another plan!

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