Faire de votre mort un choix de vie!

Make your death a life choice!

Make your death a life choice!

A necessary passage of life even if we wanted to forget it or even avoid it...death is part of the cycle of life so why not as a future deceased choose the way we would like our loved ones to experience this stage and celebrate these last moments in our memory?

Our day Will Come

The death of a loved one always happens too quickly and very often it is the family members or friends previously chosen by the deceased who must take care of the formalities and last wishes, despite the shock of the loss.

Links, relationships and different perceptions

Each of the affected members wholeheartedly hopes to respond to the last wishes mandate in order to honor the deceased. But this is where everything often becomes complicated and where the intensity of the wounds of grief experienced differently disrupt good understanding.

We never die talking about it!

Have you ever heard people talk about their death: “They'll make do with it” or “I'm going to be dead, they'll do whatever they want with me”…

Or even stories of family squabbles linked to missing papers, government formalities, the bequeathing of estate assets and even disputes about the choice of coffin or urn, or the type of flowers. chosen for burial, even until the war of the great-grandmother's frying pan and so on...

Yes ! It's possible to avoid all this by organizing your own funeral.

In life we ​​all know that we are going to die and one thing is certain: talking about it doesn't make you die!

Are you still alive? You always have the chance to prepare this last trip in your own image!

Formalities that simplify the lives of those who stay:

  • Write a will with a notary
  • Write your last wishes on paper

(Embalming or cremation, exposed, buried, columbarium, music, flowers, etc.)

  • Buy your funeral prearrangements
  • Gather and file all important papers in the same places

(birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, Create a reference list with the name of financial institutions, insurance, loans and credit cards etc…)

Do it out of love for those left behind!

Enjoy Life 😉

You could even start by choosing your final home Z'URNE

Contact us so that we can guide you in your choice.

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